How to Pray Being in Christ

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How to Pray being in Christ

Would you like to know the most powerful prayer you can pray after receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior?

Here, pray this now…

“Father, teach me so that I might have more intimate fellowship with you, I thank you in Jesus name .”

That is it. There is no greater request you can make to God than to approach Him with the attitude that we don’t know how to do something. The Bible says He will respond accordingly. James 1:5 (NKJV) if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

God will teach you intimacy and reveal things to you so deep that I promise you will never, ever be the same. What He gives in response will far exceed your need which is the definition of abundance!

Here is my proof.

After receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in April, 1980, one of the first prayers I prayed went something like this…

OK Lord, here I am, now teach me . If you ever lie to me I am through with you but if you are able I am willing to put great effort and learn. I promise to take you at your Word and believe you and if I don’t understand I will believe you will eventually teach me when I am ready, so please teach me.”

First, I wanted Him to teach me and secondly I promised that I would take Him at His Word. It may seem obvious but as we will see later it wasn’t and it turned out to be the smartest prayer I ever prayed after accepting Him as Lord and Savior.

My prayer was not very impressive but if anything it was honest, I wasn’t playing games and I had enough sense to realize God was real and He wasn’t playing games either. Furthermore I was going through some extremely difficult times. I won’t go in to that here but that’s how one of my first prayers went nonetheless.

God who is exceedingly great in mercy accepted me just as I am but loved me too much to leave me in that condition and the great change that came about between the two states were in large part as a result of prayer and His Word. This lesson that you will read explains in part a portion of that journey.

In 1980 when I accepted Jesus the sum of all I knew about Him, prayer or anything else was virtually nothing.

Everything that I am now in Christ is attributed to Him and only Him; the prayer I prayed in 1980 has been continually answered day in and day out for over 35 years and it started when I came with nothing and simply asked for help , He then filled me to overflowing with everything I have and with great joy as well. His unearned, undeserved and unmerited Grace changed me from within and if I am anything at all it is because of Jesus and nothing of me.

All the lessons written here on this webpage or that I have taught elsewhere, all that I know about God, all the service I have performed, all the works I have done for Him, everything and I mean everything came about because I prayed and He with exceedingly great Grace answered me.

Whom God calls He equips, always! He called all of us who are in Christ He will therefore equips us and prayer is an integral part of building a relationship with Him whereby we are fully equipped .

Think on this also from the following point of view, would Jesus go through the unbelievable pain He endured at the Cross to now NOT have communion with us or NOT speak to us? Obviously He wouldn’t.

Prayer Works!

If you learn nothing else from this lesson learn this, you can be a great prayer warrior because prayer works and I promise you that the greatest change you will see from prayer will be the change it produces in you!

Do I have all the answers on this subject, absolutely not, I am still learning just like you but I do have some thoughts you might like to learn or at least be exposed to and let God deposit what He thinks best into your heart. The purpose of this lesson is to share with you practical ideas and things I have learned but ultimately it is the Holy Spirit, not I, who will teach you.

What we are going to do now is I am going to share my thoughts with you as if you and I were having a friendly conversation over a good cup of coffee, an intimate conversation so to speak between you, me and the Holy Spirit.

What is prayer to me?

Prayer is the intimate expression and response of my heart’s desire for the One whose heart desired me first and died for me. It is His love that beckons me to intimacy; time alone with Him in prayer is how that intimacy is realized and our relationship nurtured.

Just as my love affair with Jesus is unique my prayers that arise from that relationship are likewise unique.

Prayer can be serious; it will also bring joy as well as tears. It has brought me laughter and deep revelations of who He is. Through prayer Jesus has guided me and shown me where to walk as well as when to stop, when to turn and to which side. It is an expression of both solemn reverences as I pray to Holy God yet intimately open and friendly as Abba Daddy responds to His little child which is who I am. These seemingly two extremes cover the wide spectrum of what an intimate relationship with God can be.

And when I missed it, when I didn’t listen as I should, when I blew it, in prayer He corrected me and that is how a relationship with Him works.

Prayer is a journey with intermittent stops along the way to Glory where you will accomplish His purpose and will for your life here on Earth. Seemingly normal days will be occasionally interrupted with such an awareness and consciousness of His Presence that the anointing will live you transformed and the moment will be forever etched in your heart.

I have been blessed and have had the great opportunity to both preach and teach but prayer is my favorite thing to do.

When I pray I can be myself. I know that He hears me and doesn’t judge or condemn me. I don’t have to impress Him or try to be something I am not, I am myself in the presence of the One who knows me best and loves me the most. Through prayer and the Word he has taught me that He accepts me just as I am but loves me too much to leave me in that condition and therefore proves that love by conforming me into His image, that is one of the fruits of prayer. That intimacy is of such joy that none other could take its place. I have both cried inconsolably in His presence as well as laughed uproariously with holy Joy! Jesus has seen me in all conditions and loves me unconditionally nonetheless and that defines my attraction to Him and fellowship through prayer for He first loved me.

Through prayer and the underlying relationship it is producing I have received great revelations I have used in my teaching. I have seen His humor as well as His sorrow. He has taken me to very deep places that left me speechless and I am in awe of His greatness, I have no eloquence to describe it, special moments that despite my extensive education the only expression I could utter was… Wow!...silence followed by a sense of His greatness I cannot describe.

When I consider that the God of the entire Universe, who delight when I call Him Abba Daddy, wants to talk to me and that I can talk to Him , I am in awe and words to describe that just escape me. I who am nothing can have fellowship with He who is everything!!! For the most part we have not really grasped the depth of that and I seriously doubt we ever will. Even after 35 years of walking with Him I am still as much in awe now and my great sense of wonderment is as fresh today as when I first believed!

This is truly Amazing Grace!

Prayer is also my time of worship, praise, adoration and just loving Jesus. Sometimes I just come and ask for nothing and all I do is thank Him, praise Him, adore Him… it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Looking back with the benefit of hindsight I know that I learned how to pray simply by praying, that is in part how He taught me and I grew and continue to do so. Prayer and the Word are the foundation He gave me when He gave me His Name.

If I could actually package up and give you what I have I would gladly do so but then you wouldn’t appreciate as much so this is what you have to learn on your own, I promise you this is a journey like no other!

Just as each believer has a unique, intimate relationship with Jesus then it follows that praying is likewise unique and though there are many good books I have read as to How to Pray, there is no one way to do so. It isn’t a process involving a set number of steps you take, it is a vibrant flowing dynamic communion with God.

The best instructions on how to pray were simply God telling me to pray. You learn by doing and just as a relationship flourishes over time, so will a person’s prayer life, after all it is a relationship, not a ritual.

The secret to powerful prayer isn’t from the one praying but the one to whom we pray to who has made a way, provided a road, and opened the door for us to come freely and into His presence because of Jesus’ finished work and who we are in Christ.

I have seen some mighty works of God not because of who I am but because of who He is! Being conscious of that is the secret to powerful prayers.

If you read my previous thoughts on “Who am I in Christ?” then this lesson should tie in very well as to your understanding in that once you know who you are “in Christ” it follows you can then develop a closer more intimate and productive relationship and prayer is one of the ways to get there. If you haven’t read it I suggest you do that first as this lesson without the previous one won’t make as much sense to you.

Before we continue let me summarize some keep points of who are we in Christ as this will set not only the tone of my thoughts on this subject but also explain why having been taught that side of my relationship God was able to expand and empower my prayer life. (Note: these points come from my lesson entitled “Who am I in Christ?” that you really need to read in its entirety before you proceed in this study.)

Who am I in Christ?

Being in Christ is how God now sees all who believe, we have right standing not because of anything we did but because of what Jesus accomplished and His finished work at the Cross. God’s Grace is a gift that is unearned, undeserved and most assuredly unmerited and that is the foundation of who we are in Christ.

Once the Holy Spirit taught me what being in Christ meant, that effectively changed who I pray for, why and how I pray. It took me from the position of praying like a beggar to praying now as a child and friend of God who has access to Him all the time! That is where I want to take you.

Simply put, praying in Christ enabled me to pray effectively and with His power and authority and I was changed.

Prayer is how you engage in spiritual warfare and the Word of God is the main weapon (there is a lesson on this webpage, under “Thoughts of the Day: Paul Ephesians 6”; that goes in depth into spiritual warfare and how to be equipped with the Armor of God.)

Because we are the righteousness of God which means we have right standing before God and because of Jesus’ finished work therefore in Christ the Word says, Eph 2:18 (NKJV) For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father. You have complete and total access , no restrictions because Jesus has given you the key to enter the throne room positionally.

What do I mean by positionally?

We are on Earth doing the will of God as led by the Holy Spirit; that is where we are physically, the natural realm . As to being a believer, Eph 2:6 says (NKJV) we are and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus (spiritual realm). But as to access we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. That is where we are positionally regarding spiritual things, we are now and forever in Him.

Now pay attention, this is super important.

By the shear reality that ALL sin has consequence of varying degree there may be instances where the effect of a sin forgiven still has lingering effects. This experiential side of sin does not make you unrighteous or change your right standing with God through Christ. But if you are not aware of this Satan will use your past to condemn the present to hopefully rob your future, don’t fall for this!

Simply stated your experience of having committed a sin doesn’t not take away your position of righteousness, though Satan will try to convince you otherwise, don’t fall for that!

Nothing you do will ever change the fact that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

If you don’t understand this read my lesson on “who am I in Christ?”

Get it?

If not read it again, study it, meditate till you do, it is that important.

Why knowing where Jesus is seated is important.

Ephesians 1:20 (NKJV) which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, (21) far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come.

Because Jesus was seated by God at his right hand and above ALL principality and power and might and dominion and because we positionally are seated together in the heavenly places with Christ , we are seated above just as he is regarding warfare in prayer therefore we can come with a position of strength (Luke 10:19 "Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy , and nothing shall by any means hurt you.)

Therefore when we pray according to the Word I may approach Father God with freedom and confidence (Eph 3:12 (NKJV) in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him.)

I can pray in the presence of God who is my Father, Abba Daddy, because I have access that Jesus paid for me to have. I am praying from a position of strength , not as a beggar, as I have been given and will exercise the authority Christ has given me over the enemy, I don’t have to put up with Satan’s nonsense anymore! I can pray the Word and the promises that are mine because of who I am in Christ and I can believe for them by faith for others as well as for myself. That is my inheritance that my Jesus paid for me to have at great expense and I know that through prayer I can affect changes, Move Mountains with my little mustard seed faith and in Christ I refuse to be defeated, when Satan comes and says, did God really say that? I can respond, “YES HE DID AND I CAN SAY SO AS WELL BECAUSE I AM THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS AND YOU ARE DEFEATED!”

This is the attitude of effective prayer and coupled with a deep knowledge of the Word, you will triumph!

This came about because of who we are in Christ and you can do this as well.

Get it?

Please understand I don’t have all the answers but if you will engage in prayer you will find He does have every answer to every question! Think of it this way, prayer is a conversation you can have as you proceed in your walk with Jesus; it is in the process that you will reach His purpose for you.

Here are a few points that you can meditate on, my personal observations encapsulating some of what He has taught me over the years. These constitute my habits, you need to develop your own but the most important one you need is to know who you are in Christ first and foremost for without that, your prayers are not going to be as effective.

When do I pray?

Although I usually pray about the same time everyday where I more methodically cover a wide array of situations as well as pray for people, in reality I have a consciousness of prayer all the time. In other words I am so aware, so conscious of His presence that I talk to Him often throughout the day and for the most part I tried to be attentive and sensitive to listening.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17(KJV) it says Pray without ceasing.

Think of this as an open ended conversation with Jesus.

We tend to think of prayer as an event you schedule at a certain time of day. I think of prayer as a consciousness birthed through Grace with the result being that I am aware of his Presence always and that I can fellowship not only at a certain time of day but rather all day long continually. Think about this, Jesus had that consciousness with His Father; because we are in Christ we can have that same consciousness with Him through the Holy Spirit. Since prayer without ceasing is an open ended conversation why should we think or limit it to a specific time of day when in fact it can be anytime, anywhere and anyplace! That is intimacy we have because we have access to God through Christ. When you adopt this attitude I promise that revelations and blessing not imagined will materialize. Case in point, almost all the notes included in this lesson and all the lessons in this webpage came about in that manner, what He did for me, He will do for you. Praise God!

The time of day you pray isn’t as important as you praying habitually. The advantage of praying in the morning before you start your day speaks as to sanctifying the day. By this I mean that praying FIRST sets the stage for the day. Just as tithing the first 10% causes God to bless the other 90% so that the 90% will go further than if you had kept the 100%, likewise praying FIRST sets the stage for blessing over the rest of the day such that the time you spent praying will not be lost and the remainder of the day will be more productive than if you had not prayed and used that time elsewhere. Trust me this works.

I have heard people tell me they don’t have time to pray. Let me be blunt. First of all if you think so little of Jesus’ sacrifice that you don’t have time for him, what does that say of the extent or lack thereof of intimacy with Him? That is like saying you are married but don’t have time to talk to your spouse. How successful do you think your relationship will be if it lasts at all?

If you say you don’t have time that is a bogus excuse, that tells me that you are setting up other things as idols, which includes people, places and things as being more important and frankly you are too busy with things that ultimately don’t matter as much as Jesus Christ. So don’t tell me you don’t have time. You would be more honest simply admitting you don’t want to put him first let’s not be hypocritical and say we don’t have the time.

Going through life without praying is like a soldier going into battle without a weapon. It doesn’t work.


Whereas prayer by definition is our coming to God in worship making request for others and ourselves with the expectation He will answer, it dawned on me a long time ago that listening may be just as important as what you say and you need to make time in your prayers for simply doing that and being quiet in your spirit. Prayer to me is a dialogue which logically involves conversation from both parties and the Bible even teach that the Holy Spirit helps us to pray so it seems to me that listening then is very important as from that comes direction and answers which sometimes are predicated on us doing something.

How to listen, how to be quiet:

Read the Word, develop a pattern of reading and meditating, God oftentimes speaks to us through that process, and be assured He will never tell us anything or guide us in anyway contrary to the Word therefore keep the Word close whenever you pray. There is a major relationship between being in the Word and becoming sensitive to the Holy Spirit to listen. The more Word you have the better will be your abilities to hear and the better you hear the more effective and blessed will be your walk.

Because we are under Grace we should be Grace conscious ; learn to be silent but keenly aware God is with you ALWAYS and will never, ever leave you or forsake you. It is in this consciousness of Him being there that God has spoken to me on many occasions by impressing my spirit and I was richly blessed even in the midst of great inconsolable sorrow. Had I not been close to Him on several occasions in my life I honestly don’t think I would be alive today.

Here is an example of where listening paid off very well.

About three years after being saved I needed a car and like everyone else I did what most of us would do. I went to various dealers and there began looking at their selection and I remember that what I found was this very nice brand new Chevy SS with this huge engine, painted in black, tinted windows, nice red pins stripe on the side, nice wheels and just waiting for me to get in it so I could most likely get a speeding ticket or two! I mean this car looked fast just sitting there. That was the one I wanted, no, I needed it!!! This is the normal road we all would normally take. We find something; we go into debt and purchase it. This is how we have been condition by the world.

When I was home later that day thinking about buying it I remembered that God had blessed me on other occasions when I came to pray asking for directions first so it dawned on me to do that now as I just knew that He must realize that I “needed” that car! At that point in my life I often confused wants with needs, which I seldom do now except when Häagen-Dazs ice cream is involved and the Vanilla calls my name as I pass it by, “Eddie! Eddie! Come get us!”…it is usually at this point I come and save the little pints from the cold display case!

In the course of praying God impressed me NOT to buy it. Instead He impressed my spirit by telling me something rather unusual, namely to help one my classmates in our Sunday school bible study with her car issues first.

I thought that it was an unusual request but I kept praying nonetheless and I asked, “What exactly am I to help her with?”

God impressed me to help fix her car, no matter what the cost! God revealed to me that her car was broken though she had not told me that.

Ok, so I agreed since I understood clearly His instructions so later that week I found Marilyn who explained to me that her air conditioning was broken and that she was having a very difficult financial spell at the moment and couldn’t afford it. Now some of you reading this may not appreciate this as much as others but I live in the South and here in the summers it is very hot and very humid to the point that it can be miserable, especially for those of us, like me, that don’t like hot weather. I told her to go fix it and that I would pay the bill which she did and it came out to be around $120 which I gave her so she would not be burdened with the cost.

About a week or so later I was at work one morning when the owner of the company I worked for called me to his office. As I walk in he throws me a set of car keys and told me that this was a bonus for some work I had done for him. Besides that he also informed me that he was giving me a $1,000 per month raise in my salary and promoted me to Vice President of the company so I walked out of there with a promotion , a free car and $12,000 raise all the product of my praying, listening and obeying!

God’s Grace, His Favor, will come upon you when you listen and obey!

The car which was a couple of years old was a Ford Crown Victoria which is what the State Police used to capture people like me who have a lead foot! The funny thing is though I could outrun anyone who wanted to race I never got a speeding ticket since I had lost my immature desires for speed, yep, prayer works! Prayer changes things and even slows some of us down!

So rather than going in debt to buy a car, I came out with abundance simply because I prayed, listened and obeyed. Prayer works!

Here is something I want you to get out of this, prayer is not a sterile compartmentalized event separate from the Word or the influence of the Holy Spirit, no; it is all inclusive and part of the bigger picture and that picture is a vibrant, flourishing relationship where we can walk successfully in Grace and be blessed in all things for that is the nature of Father God’s Great Salvation.

I was consistently studying the Word as well as learning to pray and as such I was growing more and more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. These things go together; you can’t really expect intimacy without investing time with the one you want to be intimate with and as a result of listening and obeying the instructions given I was blessed. He’ll do the same for you as you invest time and learn how to be in relationship with Jesus.

Here is a simple question you might add in the process of learning how to pray.

Lord, is there something specific you want to tell me or something specific you want me to do?

At some point in your prayer time or throughout the day as you develop a consciousness of his presence being there with you always, make a point, develop the habit of asking that question.

Lord, is there something specific you want to tell me or something specific you want me to do?

Then be quiet in your spirit and listen; be sensitive to Holy Spirit.

Develop this habit and trust me you will be amazed as to how your communications improves and how your life will change.

Here is another habit I have developed over the years that has paid handsome dividends.

Take Notes:

Since you have asked God for instructions it would follow that taking notes might be a good idea.

There are times that when I pray I take notes of what I believe the Holy Spirit impresses me with and that can be Him guiding me to pray for someone or a situation or a scripture He wants me to read that can either be an answer to a pray or something He is teaching me. I do this first and foremost because it is an expression of my reverence for Him and doing so shows Him I take what He said seriously enough and that attitude has caused God to keeps providing instructions at a much deeper level. If the God of the Universe is talking it would be of importance simply by virtue of who He is, many times great blessing have come from this or great revelations as to things I am writing, or daily chores. I learned very early in my walk that God is more than willing and able of doing a far more superior work in the things I think I know that what I actually know. Many times he has given me ideas, suggestions that yielded major fruit so I take notes. Another reason is that it might come in handy in the future.

Think on this, all the books in the Bible came about because God spoke and someone listened and recorded what was heard. Don’t think that God won’t do this with you as well .

Since prayer involves the art of listening and as well as being silent there will be times when God has so much to say to you that you will want to write it down.

All the lessons on this webpage came about as a result of listening in silence and I have taken copious notes, literally hundreds of pages of material from prayer that then became the studies you are reading. Furthermore, the actual process wasn’t accomplished in one day, some of the lessons here have literally taken me weeks and months to put together so the listening was extensive over a long period; that is what you want to learn, trust me, you will be royally blessed!

I have experienced times so powerful when Jesus is teaching me that I have written them on post-it notes, napkins, tissues, envelopes, menus and sundry other pieces of paper that may sound totally disorganized to you but God taught me how to compose the lessons given from those period of silent listening. One time I actually got a thought so awesome that I wrote it on the palm of my hand while driving a car, well that might not be the best habit to cultivate!

One time I was writing a play about a man who goes to heaven. The Holy Spirit was revealing things to me at such a rapid rate that I finally just got a tape recorder so when in the middle of the night, which is when most of my work is written, He inspires me I record rather than write, works pretty well too! (P.S. Keep plenty of batteries around!)

A few years ago I discovered “reporter’s notebooks” which are 4” x 8” notebooks you can easily carry. I have several that I use at the same time. I carry them in my briefcase, my car, in my camera bag and they are very practical. For example, part of this lesson I took notes while sitting in the living room watching a ball game. When I sense the Holy Spirit impressing me with a thought or idea along the theme I am working on such as this lesson I stop and write it down. It makes writing a long lesson such as this much simpler than trying to do it without having notes to work from. Furthermore doing this shows God you want to be taught and that opens doors that won’t be opened for those who don’t apply or show interest in what He is saying.

You may not realize this but writing is a lot of work, very hard work! Though I love the fact I get to teach and writing is one of the methods God has taught me to use, which I thoroughly enjoy, these techniques simplify the long process, try it.

Who do for I pray for?

This has evolved over time and more so after I understood who I really am in Christ Jesus.

Ever since my first prayers I have made it a habit to write down my prayer requests and 35 years later this habit still how I do it.

I have a 6” x 9” loose leaf binder where I put down the name of people, situations and my prayers. When I put someone’s name down they stay there forever so now my book has grown to include several hundreds of names, many countries specifically, family, friends, situations, ministries, specific pastors, evangelist; organizations I support financially as well as total strangers whose situation has come to my attention and I pray for them, especially the persecuted church for which I have a specific burden for along with many prisoners in foreign lands that have been jailed for being followers of Jesus. This is partial list of who I pray for. The book is about 2 inches thick and has grown so much that the binding broke and it is taped with duct tape. Next to my Bible which I have had for over 35 years and which is my most prized possession, my prayer book is equally very valuable to me.

From a practical point there are not enough hours in the day to pray for all by name so what I do is a combination of praying for some specifically by name and others by laying hands on the pages where a group of names appear. Although urgency may require a change in who I pray for my typical method is as I just described and I have found it very efficient but you need to develop yours.

For example, through an organization I support I recently bought 5 bibles that were given to individuals in China and India whose names I know, I have committed to pray for them daily which I do. Also with that same organization I pray for 5 other individuals whose name I do not know because they are in countries where if there name were known they would be arrested, so in that case I lay hands on them as a group, God knows my heart and where to direct the prayers.

I pray for many prisoners throughout the world who are being held for simply being a believer.

I pray for many countries specifically by name, one in particular that God impressed me to pray for is a country highly oppressive to Christians that God specifically told me to pray for them.

I specifically pray for Israel and the city of Jerusalem as well as the Muslim people.

I pray for the leaders of countries including my own and for them to open their hearts to Jesus Christ.

Open Doors, an organization I have supported for many years puts out an annual list of the most oppressive regimes in the world and this list of 50 countries are also on my list.

I pray for several organizations committed to sending Bibles especially to countries where they are considered illegal. I have a particular burden for this and have been not only supporting these organizations financially but also through prayer.

I pray for many who are lost.

I pray for my immediate family, children, grandchildren, many friends, their families and their businesses.

So these are just some examples but this is not all.

I pray for the body of Christ as if it were my own body, which they are.

Here is why I do that; the Bible says that I and my entire household will be saved (Acts 16:31). Besides my family I also pray and include ALL believers who likewise have the name of Jesus, we are family and I pray for them for that reason. Since salvation includes the wide spectrum of God’s provision for ALL our needs, I therefore pray for them to have their needs met and protection especially for those who live in countries where being a Christian comes with a lot of persecution.

I am praying for you the reader as well and believe that all who come to this webpage will be highly blessed and favored!

Once God really taught me my identity in Christ and that I can come freely to pray, who I pray for has expanded considerably as I want to take the opportunity Jesus has given me to use it for others.

Lastly, I pray for myself.

What you are reading here is just how and why I do what I do. You need to develop your prayer life as God leads you.

How long do I pray?

We confuse thinking that the length of time we pray determines the quality of the prayers offered.

It doesn’t necessary follow.

If I pray 30 minutes today and 1 hour tomorrow, it doesn’t follow that tomorrow’s prayers are twice as effective as today’s. If you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you which is a learned response to Him, He will set the tone and time and trust me you won’t regret doing it this way, this is a more efficient way to pray. I suggest you learn to relax and enjoy this time and trust the Holy Spirit, I assure you that you will love the results!

By the same token, there have been instances that I have been prompted to pray during the middle of the night or when I least expected it. Be sensitive to that possibility as well.

What we say and the attitude of our heart, the sincerity of our prayers has more to do with effective prayer than anything else.

I pray in agreement to the Word and therefore the more you know the Word the more powerful and effective will be your prayers.

I pray the solution to the problem based on the Word and not rehash all the problems as if God was not aware of it and is relying on me to keep Him informed.

Think on this, your salvation came about because you agreed with the Word that said you were a sinner and if you accepted Jesus you would be saved. Once you agreed and accepted Jesus God saved you.

Well, by extension any prayer your pray is asking for salvation in another situation , not necessarily a person but it could be any situation. Since both by Name and definition Jesus’ salvation is all inclusive it follows He can save you from ANY situation.

It could be that you need a job, having one would save. It could be that you need healing; healing is what you need to be saved from the disease. For any situation then where there is lack, salvation is the abundance God gives as the answer to prayer. If you don’t understand that fully you need to read what I wrote first in Who am I in Christ?”

So I pray the promises with thanksgiving believing I am heard because I can go to my Father’s throne and pray with power Jesus has given me because of who I am in Christ!

God has promised to accomplish what He said in His Word.

Get it?

As simple as this may sound it is much deeper and very powerful and Satan doesn’t want you to know or use this form of prayer.

Agreement with God ALWAYS leads to victory but disagreement doesn’t so when I have had doubts the most valuable lesson I ever learned was to keep my big mouth shut and not speak contrary to God’s Word . Psalm 17:3 I have determined that my mouth will not sin.

I pray the Word, the promises that are my inheritance because of who I am in Christ. There is no more powerful weapon in prayer than the Word.

The more Word you have in you the more agreement will come about, trust me in this, it works!

Dealing with Doubt:

The greatest battles sometime deal with having doubt. I have had them, my friends, just about everyone I have met has had them. Doubt and the subsequent fear it causes is what Satan tries to bring and he has been using that weapon since Adam and Eve where in the Garden of Eden when Satan asked Eve, “did God really say that?” (Gen 3:1 (NKJV) Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, "Has God indeed said, 'You shall not eat of every tree of the garden'?")

Why does he continue to use that weapon, simply because it works.

Here are a few points that have helped me tremendously.

When I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior I made a choice and that choice was I was going to believe His Word, even if I didn’t understand it all. Belief is a choice.

There is NO greater compliment that you can pay Jesus Christ than believing Him and taking Him at His Word.

Now some would argue that this comes about through a process as faith increases and I don’t argue that trusting increases with intimacy but you must decide if you are going to believe God’s Word or not and that is a choice of the will . I have met people that can quote you the Bible from front to back but there is no faith, they really don’t believe otherwise there would be more fruit. The Word needs to be deposited in your heart, not simply your mind.

Choosing to believe FIRST not knowing all of what the Word said opened the door for divine healing, financial blessings for those I had prayed for and countless other mighty works I saw God perform in my life . It started with the choice of my will that God then worked with the very little I had.

The battle is in the mind and the best weapon you can acquire is spending time in the Word. Going to church is fine, reading Christian literature is OK but NOTHING replaces you alone with Jesus and the Word , not church, not Christen literature, TV, NOTHING!

How I deal with doubt includes going back time and again and reviewing who I am in Christ. There is a handout in this webpage entitled “In Christ” under the section on Discipleship. I have a copy of that printed and in my prayer book should I need reminding. Although it is an abridged selection of verses it will serve you well and I suggest you keep it handy. Make a copy which is why I placed it here, keep handy, use often, and repeat!

Another reason you need to reinforce who you are in Christ is that this will give you a clearer picture as to how God sees you and the clearer that is then the more you will see how He desires you to be successful in ALL things and prayer is how the request is made that He will answer.

How else do I deal with doubt?

Since I take notes it shouldn’t surprise you that my Bible is also full of notes around the margins, in between the lines and anywhere I can fit a comment or thought. There are pages in my Bible that I have added more notes than the publisher printed text! I can write very small and I literally print so I can fit a lot of words in a limited space.

As a habit I have written down many victories I have had with the date next to scriptures I believed whose fruit resulted in God’s favor. For example, when God healed me miraculously in August, 1980 I wrote the day next to 1 Peter 2:24 which reads, “By His stripes you are healed”. So each time I read this book I am reminded of what God did and that builds my faith when I am discouraged or Satan is coming trying to bring some illness or disease. Past victories help solidify my foundational beliefs.

When I am having doubts I walk through many of these pages where God reminds me again that if he saved me before He will save me again and I am encouraged. This may sound simple but it works as it is based on what Abraham did when He created “altars” where he met God and was blessed, try it!

I have no idea how many times I have done this but they are all over my Bible and give me great support, try it!

Waiting on God:

When someone prays the salvation prayer God does not delay in answering that prayer.

As to other prayers, here is the reality.

Though you and I and everyone else want our prayers answered immediately the likelihood is that it won’t happen that way.

God answers prayers in a manner that it will be the best for you from His vantage point , not yours, that speaks to God’s sovereignty, His purpose according to His will. Trust me in this, you want His will not necessarily yours. One of the most painful experiences of my life was when I insisted and pursued MY will so much that the end results ultimately turned out to be one of the most painful heartbreaking experiences of my life, don’t go there, it isn’t worth it.

That He will answer what He promised to do speaks as to His character and there is my assurance as I wait. There are times I have not enjoyed waiting but in the end it was well worth it.

I pray expecting but I am ready for the marathon it may require.

Praise, Worship and Thanks:

As previously mentioned, prayer to me is not simply a scheduled event, it is a consciousness but at that time a day when I do in fact sit and methodically pray over situations and people I always start with an attitude of praise and thanksgiving before anything else. This prepares me to pray and it is a time of joy where I can express my love to the one that loves me most.

Praise and worship are also another method to help you in times of waiting. I remind God of his promises, not that He needs reminding as much as I do and this also reinforces the Word and builds you up. I have had prayers that were answered in minutes as well as some that took over 30 years! It is a walk people, not a sprint but more like a marathon.

I won’t include it here but you need to do a study on the power of Praise and Thanksgiving. I may include a study on that later but it is in that attitude that Grace shows up in a mighty way. Years ago I had to go to court and the judge found me in contempt of court and fined me $10,000 which I did not have. So he sent me to jail, to say I was furious was an understatement! There I met a man that for about 4 hours I witness to him regarding Jesus Christ, you could say I had a captive audience! Later after he had left I was all alone and I had absolutely no clue how I was going to get out so I actually started praising God for who He is just like In Acts 16:25 when Paul and Silas got out of jail when they praised God.

A few hours later the corporate lawyer for my employer came and paid the fine and I was set free. Later I actually earned enough in commissions to pay my debt to my boss, don’t tell me praise doesn’t work and open doors! I can laugh now but most assuredly I wasn’t then.

Praise God for who He is.

There have been instances when I have my prayer time that all I do is praise and thanksgiving and have seen great results come from that, try it, it is another form of utilizing prayer time creatively to build a relationship.

Holy Communion:

For the better part of my walk with Jesus Holy Communion was not a part of my daily prayer life till I read a book by Joseph Prince entitled, “Health and Wholeness through The Holy Communion” that has radically enhanced not only my prayer life but also my understanding of Communion.

I read a lot and have read many authors including Joseph Prince who has taught me a great deal not only about Grace but reading this book on Communion has resulted in my seeing many open doors that previously had not been opened. When I fully studied this book and Pastor Prince’s teachings opened my eyes as to the true meaning of Communion I knew I would adopt this practice prior to my prayer time each day and have been doing so ever since and I have seen a radical change in my walk. What a great teacher Pastor Prince has been for me regarding Grace!

As I mentioned earlier, I take notes and in my prayer book I have written down many areas that Jesus has touched me because I now take Communion. I was once asked, “Doesn’t taking communion everyday devalue the act of Communion?” Absolutely not! If anything I now not only value it much more but can see the effect it has as I understand the purpose Jesus intended for it so much more. This isn’t a ritual it is being aware of the divine exchange that took place between my Savior and me and if nothing else we need reminding of that daily, not just once in a while. Whereas most churches only practice Communion periodically at best, I can now enjoy the benefits of doing so every day with Jesus. If you can, read the book it is much more than I can go into here but here are some notes I use as a result of Pastor Prince’s teaching.

This sheet which comes about from Pastor’s writings I have used to guide me when I take Communion and what I did was added to my prayer book as a reminder.

Health & Wholeness through Holy Communion:

“Let us now partake of the Lord’s Supper and release faith for our forgiveness and healing.

Note first of all that Father God, My Abba Daddy wants me to “prosper in all things and be in good health, just as my soul prospers” (3 John 1:3)

Prepare the bread and wine, and not be in a rush. Remember, this is NOT a ritual but rather a FRESH personal experience of His Love and intimacy with me.

Hear Jesus say to me, “Take, eat. This is My Body, which is broken just for you!”

See His eyes burning with Love and Intensity just for me!

“This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which I shed just for you!”

See the Lord carrying ALL my sins and diseases, failures, brokenness, guilt and shame. He took all my sins on the Cross.

He took ALL my physical conditions too. Whatever disease I might have he took those on His body,


Whatever disease, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ALL of them I now see them on Jesus, NO LONGER on me, this is the Divine Exchange at the Cross! In one event, “it is finished!” Place them all on Him at the Cross.

As I partake of His Body and Blood I release my faith, it is done in Jesus Name!

Hold the Bread and say:

“Thank You Jesus for your broken body you exchanged for mine. It is my healing according to your Word, my spouse’s healing and my children’s healing and my grandchildren’s healing. Thank you very much that by Your stripes, by the beatings You bore, by the lashes that fell on Your back, we are completely healed and made whole. I believe this by faith and receive it in Your Name!”

(Now Eat the Bread)

Now take the cup in my hand and say:

“Thank you Jesus for the new covenant of Grace cut in Your blood which has brought me complete and total forgiveness and washed away every sin. I thank you that Your blood has made me righteous. As I drink, I celebrate and partake of the joyful inheritance of the righteous which includes preservation, wholeness, healing and prosperity!”

As you are so am I in this world! (1 John 4:17)

Thank you Jesus, I praise you, thank you and love you because You first loved me!”

Add this to your weapons of warfare in prayer and I promise you that you will see great changes.

Praying when God seems to be silent:

There are times in your walk when God is silent and it seems you don’t hear anything. You not hearing isn’t because of something you have done, it’s just that He isn’t saying anything.

The only solution I have found is just keep walking. I realize that if you are currently going through one of these episodes and are frustrated just believe me when I tell you His Word is true, Hebrews 13:5, Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

God’s silence is never, ever Him abandoning you, ever! Don’t let Satan tell you otherwise. Just keep doing what you are learning, keep in the Word keep praying keep walking… it works!

It is in times such as these that I am reminded of when I ran track in school. You are running and it seems you hit this wall and your body feels like it can’t go on. You keep running, it’s a long distance race when all of a sudden you get a second wind and you are energized and that enables you to finish the race.

Just keep going, Jesus is there with you…


I don’t fast regularly though I have fasted as much as 2 weeks with very satisfactory results. Fasting is an entire study on its own but let me say this from a practical point of view.

Trying to pray on a full stomach doesn’t work as well as when you are slightly hungry; you are more apt to listen in your spirit more clearly on an almost empty stomach rather than a full one.

Since your spirit and your flesh are always at war against each other, not feeding your flesh will enhance your feeding your spirit.

If you have just eaten and then sit down to pray your body is more likely to fall asleep or be drowsy which robs you of quality time.

Prayer Summary:

This study is not all there is to pray, it wasn’t meant to be. It is simply my methods based on what I have learned that I hope might bless you.

So now let’s apply it, here is a summary:

1- Find a place to pray where you are comfortable and can have some privacy.

2- Bring your Bible and a notebook.

3- For Holy Communion brings some bread and juice or water.

Health & Wholeness through Holy Communion

Let us now partake of the Lord’s Supper and release faith for our forgiveness and healing.

Note first of all that Father God, My Abba Daddy wants me to “prosper in all things and be in good health, just as my soul prospers” (3 John 1:3)

Prepare the bread and wine, and not be in a rush. Remember, this is NOT a ritual but rather a FRESH personal experience of His Love and intimacy with me.

Hear Jesus say to me, “Take, eat. This is My Body, which is broken just for you!”

See His eyes burning with Love and Intensity just for me!

“This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which I shed just for you!”

See the Lord carrying ALL my sins and diseases, failures, brokenness, guilt and shame. He took all My sins on the Cross.

It He took ALL my physical conditions too. Whatever disease I might have he took those on His body,


Whatever disease, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ALL of them I now see them on Jesus, NO LONGER on me, this is the Divine Exchange at the Cross! In one event, “it is finished!” Place them all on Him at the Cross.

As I partake of His Body and Blood I release my faith, it is done in Jesus Name!

Hold the Bread and say:

“Thank You Jesus for your broken body you exchanged for mine. It is my healing according to your Word, my spouse’s healing and my children’s healing and my grandchildren’s healing. Thank you very much that by Your stripes, by the beatings You bore, by the lashes that fell on Your back, we are completely healed and made whole. I believe this by faith and receive it in Your Name!”

(Now Eat the Bread)

Now take the cup in my hand and say:

Thank you Jesus for the new covenant of Grace cut in Your blood which has brought me complete and total forgiveness and washed away every sin.

I thank you that Your blood has made me righteous. As I drink, I celebrate and partake of the joyful inheritance of the righteous which includes preservation, wholeness, healing and prosperity!

As you are so am I in this world! (1 John 4:17)

Thank you Jesus, I praise you, thank you and love you because You first loved me!

4- To help you relax and get into worship begin your prayer time with Praise and Thanksgiving, thank

Him for all the little things that show His caring, even if you are having a difficult time, Praise Him for who He is. I have learned that when I was really down if I began with Praise my spirit was energized so keep Praising!

5- Pray for people, situations try to be consistent as this will help you organize your prayers. Consider

writing down your prayers as I suggested previously, Pray the solution according to the Word.

Remember who you are in Christ Jesus, make a copy of the “in Christ” worksheet, use that.

6- At some point, ask the question:

Lord, is there something specific you want to tell me or something specific you want me to do?

Then be quiet in your spirit and listen; be sensitive to Holy Spirit.

7- Finish up your prayer time with Praise and Thanksgiving for answered prayer and His provision.

Well, that about covers this lesson on prayer. Is this all there is? Absolutely not but it is a beginning. You goal would be to create a habit that will be the foundation from where the Holy Spirit can establish you as a prayer warrior to affect changes in your circumstances and those of others.

Pray! Move mountains!

I will be praying for you as well.

Eduardo Diaz

September, 2015