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Grain of Sand


Within the content of this webpage you will find many of the lessons that Jesus Christ has taught me over the years and many of which I have had the privilege of teaching others.

When I was first saved I got hold of a Bible and I prayed a prayer that went something like this…

“OK, Lord, here I am, teach me!”

Not only did He begin to do so then but in fact He has continually taught me all the years since that prayer was uttered. In the tapestry that has been my life He has sown many threads that collectively have made me the person I am in Jesus Christ.

Yet I am still just a work in progress as are all of you who will read these lessons.

Some of the lessons you will read were actually written as sermons, others as bible studies I have taught in church and some were written as letters to my sons whom I love very deeply and who I desire to share the love of God I have with them, those letters, “Thoughts of the Day” obviously reflect personal insights from a father to his children but whose contents we have agreed would best serve others so we are sharing them publically.

When I first began writing I never imagined that these lessons would be shared on a wider scale. What you will read are my actual teaching notes so if the format may seem unusual at times it is because this is how I prepared them in order to teach them.

I have been so blessed that my son, Marcus, very wisely convinced me that I publish them for all to see and I am also very thankful that he is the one who helped me put it all together!

If you are wondering why I called this site, Grain of Sand, it is because I am reminded that God uses a tiny grain of sand He places inside an oyster from which a priceless pearl grows, the only jewel that actually grows. We are like those pearls. We are growing and from God’s point of view He is making us into priceless jewels for His Kingdom.

I pray that God blesses all who come here and partake of the gifts God has given me. I pray you will be blessed and that it helps you in your walk!

To God be the Glory!

Eduardo Diaz


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